Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day is for Lovers


Valentines day is only a few short days away! How did that happen?
We'll probably celebrate it this weekend since Monday is a work day and it's never any fun to celebrate at work:)
I am planning on surprising my sweet hubby with something from the list above. Ok two things; the cookies and something else! The others will wait until Birthday and Anniversary time! I can't give all my good presents at once or I would be out of luck! He is hard to shop for sometimes so I have to stockpile ideas throughout the year to last me for all of the gift giving holidays:) the last picture is a really neat map! All the countries are like scratch offs and as you visit them you can scratch them off on the map and they are a different color! I love that idea and I would plan on only scratching off the places we've been together! Romantic right? I love it! I might have to save it for our anniversary!
Either way it is such a cute gift!

And not to worry...I'm working on a list for my baby girl too! She's definitely not getting left out:)
Happy Wednesday!

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