Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy (Almost) Wednesday

Well it's official. Toms are my new favorite shoes to wear to school. I am on my feet all day and they are definitely the most comfortable shoes ever! I have four pairs and I am planning on making this glitter pair my fifth:) Kind of an addiction! But I don't feel nearly as guilty since I'm also buying a pair for a shoeless child!

Speaking of guilty have you seen Bob's? Really Sketcher's? A knockoff of a charitable organization? hmm...not too sure about that. I tried them on just to see and I have to say that while they look the same, they are not nearly as soft and comfortable as the real thing!
In other news we went on a family date night to Jason's tonight! I love that place and their muffalettas! I think I could eat there at least a few times a week! I never feel guilty about it either. Everything is organic and I get the turkey on my sandwich...it all balances out! Plus their children's plates are all organic which makes this momma happy! Of course just the family date night in itself makes me all warm and fuzzy! The food is a bonus!
One last and totally un-related to my un-related things is this crib sheet! Stephanie Sabbe is keeping us all updated on her nursery progress and I love the idea of using the same fabric for the sheet and the dust ruffle! She's going sans bumpers and I think this makes the crib look so seamless and classic! It would even look great on a regular bed!

Have a happy almost Wednesday. I might be back this weekend with a project or two...I have the whole weekend off to do as I please:)

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