Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sarah's House

I never got around to posting about Sarah's farmhouse when the actual show aired. I saw the re-run again tonight and was reminded once again how much I love her design style! Some of the things that she and Tommy do are just amazing! I LOVE them! They definitely prove that it is ok to: a) mix colors together in a cohesive color scheme and b) go with a simple palate as well as a colorful one! It's wonderful that you can find a bright colorful/cheerful bedroom and a bright/calm bathroom all in the same house:) Makes my day! It also makes me want to win the lottery so I can completely re-do my house with an unlimited budget, but we all know that won't happen so I have to settle for a little bit at a time!
What a wonderful thing to have to dream about tonight though! Yellows and grays, clawfoot tubs and marble!
They sure make me a happy girl!
Oh and you have to look hard up there because I'm too lazy to add the more close up picture but in the blue/gray bedroom she did drapes in two different patterns hung together! Love at first sight!

(All pictures came from Sarah's House Facebook page)


Karson & Alison said...

I watched the show too. I love it all!

Megan said...

Oh me too...I feel like we're always a season behind here but whatever! I'll take what I can get:)