Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teaching in Style

I have been really struggling with finding a balance between my own style and finding looks that are professional enough to wear to school. A lot of teachers are very casual. They wear cotton slacks and school t-shirts every day, or big baggy skirts and sweaters. Neither of these hold any appeal for me! But I know that my own style can tend to be more causal and laid back. I find that dresses/leggings/cardigans really work for me because I can still be me without looking unprofessional. Like I said in the last post, Toms are a lifesaver for me and the glitter variety seem to be a bit more fancy than the solid canvas ones that I love. I am also a huge fan of black ballet flats! Anyway, I am constantly searching for inspiration for outfits that I can make my own and make work for school. Lately I have fallen into a rut and I realize after I get to school that I don't even feel or look like myself because I just threw on something that matched and looked half way decent! I am vowing from now on to work harder at finding clothes that work for school and home and make me happy:) That's not too much to ask right?

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