Thursday, February 10, 2011

La la Love

Ok so here is the promised list for my girl.
Lately she is into:

-Dresses and leggings
-Wearing cardigans like momma
-Clippies...not pony tails, not pig tails,
only a side part and a clippie

-Wearing things other than the
five hundred pairs of ballet flats
that she currently owns.
(they are SO last week:))

- toting a baby doll everywhere we go.
(I am into the ones that are
completely washable.

When you take it everywhere
it gets!)

Is it funny that she is a mini fashionista and at three she has better style than many adults? She also has a definite opinion on what she will and will not wear!
So, if I were to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on Valentine's Day gifts for my smallest love these things would be what I brought home! The clippies are currently at the forefront of what will most certainly be purchased!

By the way, the doll on the left with the blonde hair, the tutu, the side part and a clippie will probabaly join the clippies in being purchased soon!

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Karson & Alison said...

Everything is so adorable. The dolls are really neat, I've never seen any like that before.