Monday, September 28, 2009

The Singing Dryer

See that guy up there?? I was in love with him...was being the operative word. We broke up! It's rough. I just left my old dryer for this new model. The old guy...he liked to sing. Off key and really loudly anytime I used him. So I moved on. But not up apparently. Oh no. Because my new guy...well he doesn't sing, but he doesn't work either. Nope...won't even turn on. (and yes I did plug it in! wink wink) So I am again going through a break up! Hopefully my new, new dryer will work and won't sing and we can start our relationship off right!

Moral of this story? Never trust the discontinued floor model. And don't giggle to yourself because you are supremely cheap and you are getting a screaming deal on a super nice dryer. It will come back to haunt you! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Revenge...but in a good way!!

What my Saturday looks like!! Tonight is the game against Texas Tech! Lets keep our fingers crossed that this year looks nothing like last year's game!! Xoxo

ps: My father in law took this picture and it was def the best of the three that we took but there was something on the lens...of course!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh my

Well...I had the less than brilliant idea this afternoon to mow my entire front yard with one of these. I LOVED my reel mower when we lived in NC. But our yard was literally about 6 feet wide by about 8 feet long. Takes postage stamp to a whole new level right? Our yard now? HUGE! As in I could probably build another house in it and still have room to spare:) What was I thinking? And on top of the monstrous yard, the grass was at least twice as tall as it should be to successfully use a reel mower to cut it:) Needless to say my arms have passed sore and are to the numb, are they still attached stage and my legs...well lets just not go there!! Hope I can move tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I WANT these!!

I want these boots SO bad!! They are super cute on and I am dying to find them:) I have been looking for a pain of ankle boots that I like for forever! Only problem?? They look cute on Tori Spelling and I don't have her number on speed dial to call and ask where to go and get me a pair:) Any ideas??

Saturday, September 12, 2009

How we style

I don't know if I've told you how much we get into football here in Texas. We grow up on football...even the girls! I was no exception, neither is Ava. For today's away game we painted our toes Burnt Orange and we rocked our burnt orange gear all day. No matter that everyone thought my baby girl was a boy. It's too early to pull out the long sleeve dresses and all of her summer ones are a wee bit too short:) So she wore her t-shirt and jeans lol We had a great second half and we had a blast cheering at our house...with only a few instances of yelling at the tv/refs! We take our football seriously I tell you!
Here is a pic of my girl with her game face on! We're still working on the Horns sign! Maybe by the end of the season she'll have it down!

I'm off to watch Ohio State/USC.

I hope yall are having a great weekend and getting a few drops of this rain we're enjoying!! Maybe next week I can get a few whole family tailgating pictures! we'll see;)


Friday, September 11, 2009


Be thankful for our heroes today. No matter who you are or what you believe, today is a day to put aside our differences and remember those who have been lost, remember those that are still fighting and remember what they are fighting for.

I love you baby and I am so proud of you!! You are such an inspiration for me and you bring Ava and I so much joy and happiness!! Thank you! You will forever be my marine and my hero!

To: Ryan, Samy, Settle, Numerich, Powell and the many other boys that have been beside my hubby through thick and thin, thank you for what you did and for your unwavering friendship and bravery! I've never met a group of brothers the likes of you!

The Marine Corps was not the defining point in any of your lives, but it brought you all together!!

Jerod...thank you...for still serving, for being the person that you are despite all of it and for being such a good hubby and daddy! Those things are important!

Mounce and Winchester...thank you for the ultimate sacrifice! You will forever be remembered!

USMC...thanks for my LAR...without you we never would have become sisters!

9/11...never forget!

Daddy and his girl...
My hubby on the far right with two of his boys...
Us...USMC Birthday Ball 2006
Me, Ryan and my hubby at our wedding...
Our first homecoming Iraq '05
One of my favorite pictures of us ever...midnight October 1, 2005...
My hubby in Camp Korean Village, Iraq...
The boys before our wedding...once a Marine always a Marine...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What to do?

This dog right baby...the youngest of our three dogs...ATE my couch! Why, why why??
And it couldn't be in a less obvious spot! Oh no, it's right in the middle of the back! Grr! Any ideas on fixing it??
I am thinking that I am going to go and sell my soul at the fabric store in return for a few yards of Amy Butler's Lotus in faded china...them maybe I'll just reupholster the backs of the two couches by way of upholstery tacks?? Maybe? I don't know. But I do know that that ripped up mess up there is not gunna happen for long in my house:) Wish me luck...and if you have any ideas feel free to let me know!!

It has begun

  • It's that time of year again! I am LOVING it! We have had a game on every day since Friday! I can wear burnt orange every day and not feel silly... I can yell at the TV with the best of them and no one thinks I am crazy and I can do my happy dance every time a touch down is scored:) All in all I am a very happy girl! I am hoping that this year is the year of the Longhorns and you will see us winning another National title...2005 repeat anyone?? Plus football season means fall is right around the corner. Now if only Texas weather would get with the program and start cooling off a little!I hope every one is enjoying football season as much as we are!! I'll post some pictures this weekend of a little at home tailgating since our boys are going to wild, wonderful Wyoming:) Have a wonderful Tuesday yall!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh my...

Amy Butler+ Rugs= instant If I could just scrounge up the nearly 1,700 dollars I need to buy this baby we are in business! I love it! So beautiful! If my hubby knew I was pining over this thing he would have me committed. We have a puppy you see. A rug destroying, patience trying, brown eyed, gold haired bundle of energy that thinks if it is on the floor for more than 10 minutes it is fair game! All of our dogs have done this...why am I fated to always have puppies that are rug eaters? Not fair I tell you, not fair! But this picture definitely went into my someday folder! For now I have painted designs that looks like rugs. If you use your imagination:) Whatever... I can console myself with AB fabric until we get through this stage! Hopefully:)