Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ok Seriously...

This room makes me want another baby:)
Love it...I want that rug, and the crib, and the bedding is so cute! Oh and the little shutters? SO wonderful!
I am definitely keeping this one in my just in case file!

Is it October First Yet?

Ok I know that tomorrow it is officially October and that only hardcore Halloween lovers like myself would start decorating for Halloween in September but I can't help myself! There are only 4 weeks in October and that's not nearly enough time to enjoy it if you ask me:)
Ava Kate and I made this recipe for {Witch's Brew} and I am so in love with it! We have it hanging on the front door to welcome everyone in:) It was super easy. I sprayed my cookie sheet (which are crazy cheap at the dollar store and garage sales) with spray adhesive, and cut my Halloween scrap book paper into random sizes so it looked a little like a quilt. Then I stuck it all down, spraying more as needed. Then I made up the recipe as I went with the letters that I had available. I mixed stamps with stickers. Oh and for the title I printed it out on white paper and then I tore the edges and inked them so it looked burned. Then I glued everything down on top (each ingredient is on a separate piece of paper) and after that set a minute I mod podged the whole thing! I added a few buttons and little bats and ghosts and then I was done. Oh and I put together a ton of Halloween ribbon and tied it and glued it to the back for a hanger.
The little witches hat on the corner is from Michaels and up until we made this it was on a clippie that Ava wore last year as part of her witch costume. She wouldn't keep a hat on her head so I made the little tiny hat into a bow and put it on a headband for her. Worked like magic and she was ADORABLE! At least I thought so:)
Here is an up close of my ingredient list...
And an up close of the directions.

I want to make a Santa's list one for Christmas! How cute would that be? Love it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall in LOVE

Silk leaves from the Target dollar spot, a little sewing and we have the beginning of my fall decor.

I've got a bit more up but I haven't taken pictures yet so this will have to do for now. It's the world's easiest garland and it is super cute in person. It almost looks real!

Hope everyone is enjoying Fall as much as we are!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Be still my heart!

I want this! In a bad way...for Ava Kate's room of course!
Daddy says we can't take down the ceiling fan but what's a girl to do?
A multicolored chandelier? Yes, Please!
There is a bigger one than this but I don't think we'll ever win the battle for it...we have a chance with the smaller one.

It's sort of a little girl's fantasy light:) That's the angle I am using on him!
Like Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty all in one! - Thats AK's angle!

Oh and it's a whopping 78 dollars! That's a sweet price for such a sweet light!

If anyone else gets it before we do don't tell never know what I might do in a desperate situation:)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Fitting!

This is so fitting for our world today and it totally breaks my heart!
Makes you rethink your carbon footprint!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Come on to my house...


Lately all I can think about is the many little (haha) projects that I want to do around our house. Maybe it's Fall coming on and I want it to be cozy for Winter? Not sure but if I had my way, tomorrow would start with a stop for coffee...
Then I would head to SW to get a gallon of Comfort it! I have been waiting for the right time to paint our bedroom and I am thinking that now is it! After I paint (with my super human powers it would only take me a few minutes!) I would go ahead and re-do the kitchen floors with this:) (Which would miraculously be on sale and would only cost me 20 dollars!)

I love cork floors! Our kitchen floors are looking shabby at best. I think these cork floors are just the ticket to un-shabbify them! And then since we are living in my fantasy and I can do whatever I want I would continue on with my house makeover in a day theme and refinish the rest of our floors. I am in love with the super shiny wood floors I am seeing. Ours were finished with more of a matte tone that shows EVERY speck of dust, dirt, food, playdough, etc that we throw at it. I think a nice glossy poly is just the ticket to my cleaning woes:)

So, I'm off to bed to dream about my ideal Thursday! I bet at least one thing will surely be checked off my list tomorrow and we all know which one it is!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Breakfast this morning:
Banana bread made with this recipe (I had to cook it a good hour over the time it suggested. Maybe since she's in Utah and I'm in Texas? Not sure...but still super yummy.)

Oh and I made my baby girl's morning by adding Nutella to our slices!

Heavenly on a rainy day like today!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ahh...Life is good!

The stadium {rocked}...
The game was {won}...
The seats were {sweet}...
And all was {grand}!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Look

First off...I got a wonderful new blog design courtesy of Cristin. I LOVE it! It's perfectly me:) She was amazing to work with and if anyone out there needs a new look for their blog she is the girl to go to!!

Second...Hope everyone's week went well...tomorrow's Friday and the beginning of a long weekend!

As for us we can be found at the first Texas game of the season. It's against Rice at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Kickoff is at 2:30 Saturday and I could not be more excited! Here's to a little family bonding football style! I'll be trying out this look, with Texas colors of course and I am thinking trip to VS to see what sort of new team shirts they have this year is in order before the big game:) Maybe I'll post Megan's tips for looking cute and not melting at a college football game later this weekend!! I'm hoping we'll see many Orange towers this season! (For those of you who are not Texas fans that means we've won whatever game we're playing) It's a sweet sweet sight:)

Y'all have a good labor day weekend!