Monday, February 28, 2011

No words

I just finished watching this. It's crazy how much it puts things into perspective. They are such an inspiration and ultimately just a wonderful couple who are so in love! It makes me appreciate my love even more! There's no love that can rival a military love!
Go and watch it and be inspired. Bring tissues too because you'll cry all the way through! It's a good cry though...a proud cry:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teaching in Style

I have been really struggling with finding a balance between my own style and finding looks that are professional enough to wear to school. A lot of teachers are very casual. They wear cotton slacks and school t-shirts every day, or big baggy skirts and sweaters. Neither of these hold any appeal for me! But I know that my own style can tend to be more causal and laid back. I find that dresses/leggings/cardigans really work for me because I can still be me without looking unprofessional. Like I said in the last post, Toms are a lifesaver for me and the glitter variety seem to be a bit more fancy than the solid canvas ones that I love. I am also a huge fan of black ballet flats! Anyway, I am constantly searching for inspiration for outfits that I can make my own and make work for school. Lately I have fallen into a rut and I realize after I get to school that I don't even feel or look like myself because I just threw on something that matched and looked half way decent! I am vowing from now on to work harder at finding clothes that work for school and home and make me happy:) That's not too much to ask right?

Happy (Almost) Wednesday

Well it's official. Toms are my new favorite shoes to wear to school. I am on my feet all day and they are definitely the most comfortable shoes ever! I have four pairs and I am planning on making this glitter pair my fifth:) Kind of an addiction! But I don't feel nearly as guilty since I'm also buying a pair for a shoeless child!

Speaking of guilty have you seen Bob's? Really Sketcher's? A knockoff of a charitable organization? hmm...not too sure about that. I tried them on just to see and I have to say that while they look the same, they are not nearly as soft and comfortable as the real thing!
In other news we went on a family date night to Jason's tonight! I love that place and their muffalettas! I think I could eat there at least a few times a week! I never feel guilty about it either. Everything is organic and I get the turkey on my all balances out! Plus their children's plates are all organic which makes this momma happy! Of course just the family date night in itself makes me all warm and fuzzy! The food is a bonus!
One last and totally un-related to my un-related things is this crib sheet! Stephanie Sabbe is keeping us all updated on her nursery progress and I love the idea of using the same fabric for the sheet and the dust ruffle! She's going sans bumpers and I think this makes the crib look so seamless and classic! It would even look great on a regular bed!

Have a happy almost Wednesday. I might be back this weekend with a project or two...I have the whole weekend off to do as I please:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sums it up!

This is about how I feel right now! I am SO glad that tomorrow is Friday!
This was after her first Disney Land trip by the way. If you look closely, that caramel apple is a Minnie Mouse, she also has Cheeze-Its and water by her side. Prior to going into a coma on the floor she was tearing around the room at top speed, screaming about Disney:)
I on the other hand am falling over from an exhaustion that has nothing to do with the carefree world of Disney! Mine's all about the real world:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sarah's House

I never got around to posting about Sarah's farmhouse when the actual show aired. I saw the re-run again tonight and was reminded once again how much I love her design style! Some of the things that she and Tommy do are just amazing! I LOVE them! They definitely prove that it is ok to: a) mix colors together in a cohesive color scheme and b) go with a simple palate as well as a colorful one! It's wonderful that you can find a bright colorful/cheerful bedroom and a bright/calm bathroom all in the same house:) Makes my day! It also makes me want to win the lottery so I can completely re-do my house with an unlimited budget, but we all know that won't happen so I have to settle for a little bit at a time!
What a wonderful thing to have to dream about tonight though! Yellows and grays, clawfoot tubs and marble!
They sure make me a happy girl!
Oh and you have to look hard up there because I'm too lazy to add the more close up picture but in the blue/gray bedroom she did drapes in two different patterns hung together! Love at first sight!

(All pictures came from Sarah's House Facebook page)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

La la Love

Ok so here is the promised list for my girl.
Lately she is into:

-Dresses and leggings
-Wearing cardigans like momma
-Clippies...not pony tails, not pig tails,
only a side part and a clippie

-Wearing things other than the
five hundred pairs of ballet flats
that she currently owns.
(they are SO last week:))

- toting a baby doll everywhere we go.
(I am into the ones that are
completely washable.

When you take it everywhere
it gets!)

Is it funny that she is a mini fashionista and at three she has better style than many adults? She also has a definite opinion on what she will and will not wear!
So, if I were to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on Valentine's Day gifts for my smallest love these things would be what I brought home! The clippies are currently at the forefront of what will most certainly be purchased!

By the way, the doll on the left with the blonde hair, the tutu, the side part and a clippie will probabaly join the clippies in being purchased soon!

Valentines Day is for Lovers


Valentines day is only a few short days away! How did that happen?
We'll probably celebrate it this weekend since Monday is a work day and it's never any fun to celebrate at work:)
I am planning on surprising my sweet hubby with something from the list above. Ok two things; the cookies and something else! The others will wait until Birthday and Anniversary time! I can't give all my good presents at once or I would be out of luck! He is hard to shop for sometimes so I have to stockpile ideas throughout the year to last me for all of the gift giving holidays:) the last picture is a really neat map! All the countries are like scratch offs and as you visit them you can scratch them off on the map and they are a different color! I love that idea and I would plan on only scratching off the places we've been together! Romantic right? I love it! I might have to save it for our anniversary!
Either way it is such a cute gift!

And not to worry...I'm working on a list for my baby girl too! She's definitely not getting left out:)
Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Current Loves...

Lately I've been all over the place. This is totally evident in what I am loving...for this week at least. These outfits scream Spring to me and I am SO ready for something other than icy winter:)
I especially love the fedora in this one. I have always thought fedoras were one of the best parts of the menswear movement in fashion and something about this woven one just makes me love it even more! The geometric pattern on the dress is wonderful as well...actually lets just go ahead and say that I love the entire outfit and leave it at that.
I just found look linger love and I have been hooked ever since. She has the blog I want mine to aspire to be:) Not to mention she has that classy southern charm down! And she lives in Charleston which is one of my favorite cities in the South! I am working on convincing the hubby to put in for SC when we pick bases! (We are Army ROTC now by the way! It's a whole new world for us Devil Dogs!) I loved NC and they are so close that I am already completely sold on the idea of moving back to the east coast! (That's her house by the way! Don't you just love it?)
the love necklace
This tiny beauty should be arriving on my doorstep this week and I could not possibly be more excited! It is one of my Christmas presents and I have been waiting not so patiently for it for what feels like forever! Mine doesn't say love. Mine has my baby girl's initials- AKG on one side and my hubby's- RWG on the other! It is one of my all time favorite pieces of jewelry that I have ever seen and it is SO simple!
Next have these wonderful dog food storage containers from Harry Barker! So simple and classy! I am going to be buying the largest size, only fifty eight dollars, in the next few days for my pups. I haven't committed to which design yet! I have the ever so practical plastic storage container with wheels but it is in sad shape! And the plastic ones run about thirty dollars so for a bit more you get a much classier version! That is (hopefully) more puppy proof than the others! Bonus- they come with a nice aluminum food scoop!
Bacon wrapped potato bites
To wrap up my post of randomness I give you bacon wrapped potato bites! With sour cream dipping sauce no less! YUM! I haven't tried these yet but I am planning on making them this weekend sometime! We will be visiting my in-laws and I know my father in law will think they are as good an idea as I do! I'll let you know how they turn out (although really, what could go wrong when potatoes and bacon are combined?)

Oh and one more thing...Chassity over at look linger love made bacon chocolate chip cookies. Sounds weird at first but the more I think about them the more I think I am going to be stopping by the store tomorrow and getting some bacon to try these out! I love the whole salty and sweet combination and these definitely deliver there!
(You cook your bacon crisp and let it drain and dry and then crumble it. Then roll your cookie dough into balls and press them into the bacon so they flatten out and have bacon pieces on the bottom. Then bake as per their directions!)

Maybe we'll just have ourselves a regular bacon party this weekend!:)
Just kidding!

Tomorrow's Wednesday Y'all! Here's to a fast slide to the weekend!

Friday, February 4, 2011


I've been meaning to post these for a was obviously fall (Halloween day actually) so it's been a long time coming. One of my all time favorite breakfast/brunch places in ATX is Fliphappy Crepes. Yum! I am more a fan of their sweet crepes, but the hubby LOVES their savory ones. I think the one he had on this day was some sort of ham, caramelized onion and cheese mix. I don't remember exactly. I had a peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut and banana crepe. Oh so good!
Fliphappy is sort of hidden down off South Lamar. It's actually in an empty lot beside one of the huge new loft buildings in an old airstream. They have weird hours too. You kind of have to know when they're open and plan to go rather than stop by on a whim! But it's totally worth it:) Makes me want to hop in the car and go right now, except we're snowed in and they're probably not open! But it sure sounds good!
Maybe when it warms up a bit and Texas tempts us with Spring again we'll go and get Fliphappy! hah!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Done Son

The before...sort of! I forgot to take actual pictures but you get the point. Except imagine it one three year old and three moves later. Looking a little rough around the edges! (And everywhere else!)

The chairs now. Sooo much better. They're virtually impossible to take pictures of! The color isn't a stark black. It's called Green Black by Sherwin Williams and I love it! It's a softer more velvety black:)

And the table! I sanded it down and then I did a happy dance! Such beautiful wood underneath the black finish! Yay! The whole thing turned out that way and I couldn't be happier with it! It's like having a whole new set of furniture for about twenty dollars in paint and 20 hours of sanding! Ok, not 20 but it felt like it! It absolutely made my day! And the hubby's too since I won't be going and spending hundreds of dollars on new furniture any time soon!