Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm thinking that for my memorial day project, I just might drag my washtub inside (emptying the dirt first!) and turn it into an ottoman! I love this idea and it certainly would be cheaper than the almost twelve hundred dollars it would cost to buy one!

I especially like the idea of using a laminated fabric for the top and making it either hinged or completely removable so that things could be stored inside!

Happy Monday and Memorial Day!
I'm SO proud to be a part of the military family:)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


This hairstyle is SO popular right now and I am on board one hundred percent! I did my hair like this yesterday and I think it'll go that way today too!
I remember having my mom do this type of braid when I was little. I thought it was so cool then too:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Somehow, even though I knew it was coming, I am failing miserably at figuring out what to get this guy for our anniversary! I just can't think of anything meaningful, that he would actually want! The five year traditional gift is wood. Cool right? Except I can't seem to come up with anything that I like in that category that won't break the bank!
Ahh...only two more days! The pressure is on!

On a totally different note, I have been super inspired by these two new to me style blogs! Love them! Definitely makes me want to get up and pick out a wonderful, stylish outfit that makes me happy in the morning, rather than just throwing something on:) I am especially in love the the many different shades of nail polish these girls wear! So cute!
Go, look, be inspired!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I can see clearly now...

First I have to get this off my chest...I love this little girl's room! Love it! It doesn't hurt that she has a golden retriever. We have two and I adore them. They're hands down the best, most loyal dogs in the world and Ava Kate's sleeps with her every night:) Makes my heart happy! I also love the color combination in this room. Orange and blue together have been popping up everywhere and I am so on board with it! Oh, and that little lucite side table had me at hello. I have been all about lucite lately!
Which brings me to this chest. I l.o.v.e. it! I love that you can see the things that are stored inside...although you have to be a bit more organized with your storage. It is totally worth it! Such a cool, statement making piece! I think every house needs a piece that is lucite! That little dose of modern takes a room to a whole new level! One of my personal favorites are these chairs from Ikea. There was a Southern Living article a few months ago with a lovely little cottage that had been renovated in a pretty traditional design and she used these same chairs at her dining table and it looked amazing! I'll see if I can find the article so I can post it! Such a wonderful look!

I might have to add to my lucite collection with all this talk!

Happy Sunday!
I'm off to do a little graduation shopping:)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Love

There's not one thing that I don't love about this room!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's the Freakin Weekend...

I can't believe that the weekend is finally here! Yay! I could not possibly be any more excited...beautiful weather and whole weekend to play! I saw these lovelies on Craigslist last night at about 10 and I am dying. I will be on the edge of my seat checking my e-mail every five minutes until I know if I can make them mine! Really! Little mini campaign chests? Be still my heart:)

These are just too cool for words. I feel like all I have posted lately are cool finds for Etsy but seriously. I love it! I could poke around all day on there if that didn't mean that I would be missing this lovely weekend! All of these clutches are made from reclaimed materials and I am in love. They're quite reasonable too! The one below is only 64$ which I think is not too bad:) Maybe I'm biased by my love for them! They have other fabrics besides leather too! I'm thinking that this is going to be my graduation gift to myself! hah! Oh and they are made by scout and catalogue!
Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Ok I love these! They're bracelets made from old or broken skate boards! Each one is different. They all have a side that they call the battle side that is the original paint from the board like you see in the first picture!The rest of the bracelet is sanded and sealed! I might have to make one mine just because! Such a neat idea:) Oh and they have rings and earrings, etc. too, I just love the bracelets. They're from a shop on Etsy called All Deckd Out. Happy Thursday!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Soo...April was crazy! It seems May isn't going to be much better! But I'm still here and I have so many things to share! My camera won't sync with my computer though so all I have to show are pictures from my phone! Hence the horrible quality!
But I still wanted to post about this planter! I love it! Such neat lines! If you could find a pre-cut culvert I bet you wouldn't even have to do anything besides wrap the edges. It would definitely be a challenging project! But one I could totally get behind!
In other news our little town finally got a Jimmy Johns! It opened yesterday and I'm not going to lie we went as soon as they opened this morning. Had I realized that they opened yesterday I would have been beating the doors down then:) I love that place!

I have so many diy's to post it isn't funny and I am totally depressing myself posting phone pictures of a sandwich shop:( A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do I guess! The hubby is battling the computer as we speak so maybe tomorrow I can post a few of my new projects and stop settling for phone pics! Happy almost Monday:)