Sunday, May 8, 2011


Soo...April was crazy! It seems May isn't going to be much better! But I'm still here and I have so many things to share! My camera won't sync with my computer though so all I have to show are pictures from my phone! Hence the horrible quality!
But I still wanted to post about this planter! I love it! Such neat lines! If you could find a pre-cut culvert I bet you wouldn't even have to do anything besides wrap the edges. It would definitely be a challenging project! But one I could totally get behind!
In other news our little town finally got a Jimmy Johns! It opened yesterday and I'm not going to lie we went as soon as they opened this morning. Had I realized that they opened yesterday I would have been beating the doors down then:) I love that place!

I have so many diy's to post it isn't funny and I am totally depressing myself posting phone pictures of a sandwich shop:( A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do I guess! The hubby is battling the computer as we speak so maybe tomorrow I can post a few of my new projects and stop settling for phone pics! Happy almost Monday:)

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