Thursday, April 28, 2011


Random? Yes! Inspiring? Yes, Yes, Yes! Is it a bit nuts that I can take all of these things in a single sitting and run with them? Probably, but I so don't care! The house is in ATX, my favorite place in the world! I could live in that house...except it probably costs more than I'll make in my life time:) But hey, I can dream right? Its orange stripe and blue celinged porches are so darn cute!

The jewelry speaks for itself. Those shapes and the organic flow of it kill me! I love and I need all of them. Good thing they offer a set of three deal! Oh and they have a pretty sweet blog too!

The cup...what can I say. If I could figure out how to make one (or fifty) I would. They are that cool. Too bad they're sold out. I dabble in tie dying...but ceramic? Not so much! Maybe one day. But for now I can stare at it adoringly:)

Oh, oh, oh! I missed the lamp! How could I not give the lamp love? It appears I have a thing for those muted sort of marbled patterns! I must figure out how to do this to fabric! Silly lamp is mucho dinero for this girl so it's a no go! But I think fabric could work for me. Maybe! We did a bit of bleach tie dying the other day and it worked out marvelously and I have dip dyed a few things, so I think the next logical step is big girl tie dying with colors:) hah! We shall see. If I weren't infinitely lazy (code=cross eyed with exhaustion) I would put in the camera card and show off my bleach dyed shirt and dip dyed dreses. Buuut...not tonight. Or tomorrow...or Saturday. Maybe Sunday? Maybe!

For now, love on the beauties above and maybe go buy a bracelet. I promise I won't pitch a fit if you but the one I want! Unless you go buy the lamp..then don't tell me because I'll cry!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Union Jack

I love this! I love that she did it herself and that she went with unexpected colors. All of it. So darn cute! I might need to make one of my own. Not sure where I'll put it but I can always find room!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Loves

If I could be wearing this outfit right now I would be on it! I'm loving the colored denim trend that is happening! It makes me happy! I am also loving that gold is coming back. I love silver, and white gold but on certain things gold is totally the way to go.
I might possibly try and make a shirt similar to this one! With all my extra time...hah! This month is insane and it is only getting busier. But for today, I am ordering these jeans and enjoying this brief, quiet Saturday! If you need a pair too, or if you're loving the shirt or necklace, they're all from Hallelu. It's a wonderful little store in my old stomping grounds, hence the 910 necklace. (That's the area code there!) Oh and they have a wonderfully inspiring blog too!

Happy Saturday!

Oh and ps: I got my red jeans:) I'll get pictures of them up eventually! I might have gone to Hot Topic, been totally out of my element and bought the clearance men's jeans in my size... Maybe...I'll never confirm or deny it! But I got red jeans so that's all that really matters right?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Must have Mondays

Lately I have been on the hunt for the perfect red jeans. I am slightly obsessed! Sadly, they are hard to find! I am totally loving the J Brand version at the top there! They are a little out of my price range though! Or should I say out of the range that I would willingly spend right now! Not to worry though. I will either convince myself they are made for me and buy them or continue hunting red jeans down in every store I go to! Hopefully I will get them before they are totally lame and out of style! I love them for Spring with fun , flowy, possibly flowery shirts and flats. (Take that alliteration:)) Ahh, it makes me happy just thinking about it:)The outfit that is not the alliteration, although that makes me pretty happy too, to be perfectly honest!

On the other hand I am also loving the neutrals trend! I already have a few pairs of white jeans and I can't get enough of the taupe and sparkle combination above! Be still my heart! I'm thinking I should have red jeans outfits and white jeans outfits! That way I have options...if I'm feeling bubbly I go with a red jeans outfit. If I'm feeling mellow, it's white jeans all the way:) In fact I'm feeling white jeans tomorrow! We shall see!

Happy Monday!