Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Loves

If I could be wearing this outfit right now I would be on it! I'm loving the colored denim trend that is happening! It makes me happy! I am also loving that gold is coming back. I love silver, and white gold but on certain things gold is totally the way to go.
I might possibly try and make a shirt similar to this one! With all my extra time...hah! This month is insane and it is only getting busier. But for today, I am ordering these jeans and enjoying this brief, quiet Saturday! If you need a pair too, or if you're loving the shirt or necklace, they're all from Hallelu. It's a wonderful little store in my old stomping grounds, hence the 910 necklace. (That's the area code there!) Oh and they have a wonderfully inspiring blog too!

Happy Saturday!

Oh and ps: I got my red jeans:) I'll get pictures of them up eventually! I might have gone to Hot Topic, been totally out of my element and bought the clearance men's jeans in my size... Maybe...I'll never confirm or deny it! But I got red jeans so that's all that really matters right?

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