Monday, April 4, 2011

Must have Mondays

Lately I have been on the hunt for the perfect red jeans. I am slightly obsessed! Sadly, they are hard to find! I am totally loving the J Brand version at the top there! They are a little out of my price range though! Or should I say out of the range that I would willingly spend right now! Not to worry though. I will either convince myself they are made for me and buy them or continue hunting red jeans down in every store I go to! Hopefully I will get them before they are totally lame and out of style! I love them for Spring with fun , flowy, possibly flowery shirts and flats. (Take that alliteration:)) Ahh, it makes me happy just thinking about it:)The outfit that is not the alliteration, although that makes me pretty happy too, to be perfectly honest!

On the other hand I am also loving the neutrals trend! I already have a few pairs of white jeans and I can't get enough of the taupe and sparkle combination above! Be still my heart! I'm thinking I should have red jeans outfits and white jeans outfits! That way I have options...if I'm feeling bubbly I go with a red jeans outfit. If I'm feeling mellow, it's white jeans all the way:) In fact I'm feeling white jeans tomorrow! We shall see!

Happy Monday!

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