Thursday, April 22, 2010


This guy has a birthday this weekend...and I still have to finish getting things ready for it! I also have to finish getting his presents:) Guess thats pretty crucial to a good birthday celebration. We're having Boudin, greens, chocolate cake, the PW's Olive bread, and of course Shiner and maybe a little white wine for those of us who would prefer it:)
In addition to the birthday bash I have a quilt that is staring me in the face begging to be finished. Or maybe started is the word since I only have 5 blocks done as of right now:) It's an easy one too so I'm not sure what has slowed me down on it!
I also want to plant the rest of my spring plants before this weekend! It doesn't help that I went on a road trip with my mom to the coolest little nursery in Edom, TX and bought way more than I should have. In this pic there are three okra plants, a pepper, a perennial hydrangea and a peony. I was embarrassed to show my other pile :) But I did get a really cool banana magnolia that smells just like banana Laffy Taffy! Not too sure where to put it as it gets to be about 6 feet by 3 feet!

Then there's the bench in the above photo that needs to be painted in a bad way.

Oh and I forgot...part of Roy's present was a pond in the backyard. All was going well with it until it got a big blob of dirt in it and we had to pull it out to remedy the situation. It got fixed and we put it back in its hole but then the rain came and it all went down hill from there. The hole filled with water the pond floated and now we have a mud pie sink hole in the backyard:) YAY! But I am headed out there right is supposed to pour tomorrow and I am not having a repeat performance!

Wish me seems that my to do list for this weekend has grown to monumental proportions. If I am successful I will show off the pond and the plants and the party...and maybe even the quilt!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Learned my lesson...

I hope!

I have a confession! I have now proven my absentmindedness..or my blondeness depending on who you are talking to, for the second time. It seems like since I had Ava Kate my brain cells are slowly evaporating:) Thats my excuse...but whatever it is of the three it has been confirmed yet again.

We were going out to eat with Roy's dad and I was putting AK in the car. I ALWAYS have my phone with me...a habit I just can't seem to kick after Roy's deployments. So I get her loaded and settle in and we head out. (With Roy's dad right behind us) We turn off our quiet little street to the main road ...4 lanes... and hear something funny like a rock or something. Roy says "What was that?" Me..."Dunno!" Roy..." Where's your phone?" Me..."Um...I don't know?" Needless to say...for those of you who are still reading this since you know where this is going and are probably falling on the floor laughing by now ... it was indeed my phone. I look in the rear view mirror in time to see it go FLYING off the top of the car, hit the ground, fly into all its little pieces and Roy's dad swerving to miss it all.

At this point I am as low as I can get in my seat and begging Roy to just keep going. I had the foresight to get insurance so just go. But he and his dad whip over to the side of the road and as Roy says play "frogger" to get all the pieces on it. They get them... Roy is putting it back together and he gets in and hands it to me...I push the power button and sit a minute... on it comes as good as before. It is a little worse for the wear...I would show you but my computer won't recognize me camera card right now (lovely) so I will find you a stock picture. I cannot belive it still works like new.It has a rubber cover and a screen cover on it. This kept it safe I think:)

You see...not long maybe 10 months ago...I did the same thing with my other blackberry. As in I put it on top of the car and we took off, down a different road mind you, and it fell off in the middle of the intersection. It took us thirty minutes to find it because I thought it had fallen off in the ditch. When we gave up and went to leave there it was. Perfectly fine, not a scratch on it. So yes, I did not learn my lesson after the first time. Yes I am a total blonde sometimes and yes I think my brain cells are evaporating, it is the only logical explanation.

Lordy! Let my day go smoothly today:) I don't think I can handle any more!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whirl Wind

We have been over the top busy the last few weeks! I feel like time is FLYING by! But we did get to slow down a bit and go to the Domain in Austin. Love it! I would love to live there:) Not happening with three dogs and a two year old but a girl can dream:)

If you're in Austin you should totally go! Beautiful buildings and wonderful shops. Oh and they are opening an Anthro there in a few months! Be still my heart:)

Hopefully the next few weeks will slow down and I can post a few new projects we've/I've been working on:)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Kitty Cat


Funny Story...I made tuna sandwiches for Ava Kate and I for lunch today. I used our yummy homemade bread from this weekend and even chopped up apples to go in it.

I made her's first and set her plate out on the table while I made mine. She sat down, pulled the top piece of bread off sniffed it and said, "Kitty Cat, momma, kitty cat!" Lordy! That girl cracks me up! She would not touch that sandwich for anything! She was absolutely convinced that I spread cat food on her bread and tried to feed it to her:)

Sadly, the food that our cats eat does look a lot like tuna salad...never crossed my mind but Ava Kate sure did connect the two!

Happy FRIDAY!!