Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Have yall ever been to the Melting Pot? It is SO good...expensive, but good! On date night this weekend we went and I swear it was the best food I've ever had! Yall need to go...even if you have to not eat the rest of the week to make up for how much you spend:) it's worth it!

One of my favorite things...

I love Halloween...and my favorite part of the whole thing is the pumpkin seeds we get from the pumpkins! Am I super weird for loving these? You know like cleaning them and baking them and eating them? Is that odd? Do other people do that?? Either way I am in HOG heaven right now because of those babies right there.
It helped that our pumpkins were obviously on steroids. Seriously my pumpkin was one step down from the ones that they cut open and make boats out of. What? You haven't heard of that either? Hm...I'm looking weirder and weirder huh? Oops:)
One last pic of my best girl and my sweet hubby. Oh and a dog butt. What's a nice family pumpkin carving picture worth if there isn't a bog's behind smack in the middle? Not much I'd say, not much:)

Hope yall are enjoying your pumpkins as much as we are!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

We bleed Burnt Orange

I haven't gotten to go to a game all season since I have a Saturday class this semester. But this Saturday was an off day and my wonderful father in law got me and my mother in law tickets that were right next to his and my hubby's season tickets! It was So much fun! I love football...like with a passion. I'm definitely not a football widow:) I am right there in the action with my hubby and our daughter is the same way. So needless to say I had a blast at the game...I had a sno cone...it was perfect football weather...I got to see the band march...we won...so it was a perfect day:)I can't wait until I am done with school and I can have a season ticket too!!

Taking my couch to a "hole" new level

Remember when I showed you the pictures of my couch that my oh so sweet puppy customized for me?? And remember how I had no clue as to how I was going to fix it seeing as it was tattered and beyond the point of a little glue helping it at all? Well I finally stopped avoiding walking by that half of the room and sat down to see what I could do...nothing!! But I did make a little trip to Ikea and I got some bold but neutral fabric that had a background close to the couch color. I decided to do a big stripe/patch/I have no idea what to call it down the middle to cover the hole. I think it turned out as well as it could. I love it. I did the same thing to the love seat so that they at least match. It obviously looks like I put fabric on the backs of my couches, but at least it doesn't look like I live in a house where anything goes and my furniture substitutes as chew toys 90% of the time(oh no, not in this house!!) All in all I'd say I was successful in operation cover up!

Crafty Crafty

I've been dying to have a craft room or maybe even a craft closet in my house. But all my rooms are taken and funny all my closets are full. So... being my oh so in need of a craft space self, I took the desk my dad built me in grade school and painted it(It was a horrible honey yellow stain) with my free Glidden paint, which by the way they are doing another giveaway, and added some cute knobs that are Anthro knockoffs and put it in place of a night stand in my guest bedroom. Add my sewing machine and I am one happy momma! My baby girl has been reaping the benefits of this new crafty desk via a new skirt to wear every day made with this oh sew easy pattern (sew instead of so get it?? :)) LOVE my new old desk and LOVE having a place to be creative, or at least pretend!