Monday, October 12, 2009

Crafty Crafty

I've been dying to have a craft room or maybe even a craft closet in my house. But all my rooms are taken and funny all my closets are full. So... being my oh so in need of a craft space self, I took the desk my dad built me in grade school and painted it(It was a horrible honey yellow stain) with my free Glidden paint, which by the way they are doing another giveaway, and added some cute knobs that are Anthro knockoffs and put it in place of a night stand in my guest bedroom. Add my sewing machine and I am one happy momma! My baby girl has been reaping the benefits of this new crafty desk via a new skirt to wear every day made with this oh sew easy pattern (sew instead of so get it?? :)) LOVE my new old desk and LOVE having a place to be creative, or at least pretend!

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gina said...

Good for you! With four girls I always wanted to learn to sew- but never got around to it. How nice to be able to have an endless custom wardrobe for her!!