Monday, September 28, 2009

The Singing Dryer

See that guy up there?? I was in love with him...was being the operative word. We broke up! It's rough. I just left my old dryer for this new model. The old guy...he liked to sing. Off key and really loudly anytime I used him. So I moved on. But not up apparently. Oh no. Because my new guy...well he doesn't sing, but he doesn't work either. Nope...won't even turn on. (and yes I did plug it in! wink wink) So I am again going through a break up! Hopefully my new, new dryer will work and won't sing and we can start our relationship off right!

Moral of this story? Never trust the discontinued floor model. And don't giggle to yourself because you are supremely cheap and you are getting a screaming deal on a super nice dryer. It will come back to haunt you! :)

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