Saturday, September 12, 2009

How we style

I don't know if I've told you how much we get into football here in Texas. We grow up on football...even the girls! I was no exception, neither is Ava. For today's away game we painted our toes Burnt Orange and we rocked our burnt orange gear all day. No matter that everyone thought my baby girl was a boy. It's too early to pull out the long sleeve dresses and all of her summer ones are a wee bit too short:) So she wore her t-shirt and jeans lol We had a great second half and we had a blast cheering at our house...with only a few instances of yelling at the tv/refs! We take our football seriously I tell you!
Here is a pic of my girl with her game face on! We're still working on the Horns sign! Maybe by the end of the season she'll have it down!

I'm off to watch Ohio State/USC.

I hope yall are having a great weekend and getting a few drops of this rain we're enjoying!! Maybe next week I can get a few whole family tailgating pictures! we'll see;)



gina said...

All of my girls have grown up sportin' PATS gear. I love football season. The only bummer of having all girls is I'll never have a little football player- now CHEERLEADERS? I've almost got my own squad. lol.

Megan said...

Aw don't you love girls that grow up on football? I think mine is going to be like the little girl on Remember the Titans:) And I think cheerleading is the next best thing to football..or at least it's next closest to the action on the field:)