Friday, April 2, 2010

Kitty Cat


Funny Story...I made tuna sandwiches for Ava Kate and I for lunch today. I used our yummy homemade bread from this weekend and even chopped up apples to go in it.

I made her's first and set her plate out on the table while I made mine. She sat down, pulled the top piece of bread off sniffed it and said, "Kitty Cat, momma, kitty cat!" Lordy! That girl cracks me up! She would not touch that sandwich for anything! She was absolutely convinced that I spread cat food on her bread and tried to feed it to her:)

Sadly, the food that our cats eat does look a lot like tuna salad...never crossed my mind but Ava Kate sure did connect the two!

Happy FRIDAY!!


Robyn said...

That's too cute. I must say that a tuna sandwich without crunchy apples and celery just isn't the same... you upped the ante with the homemade bread. Ava Kate missed out.

wsxwhx718 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................