Friday, February 4, 2011


I've been meaning to post these for a was obviously fall (Halloween day actually) so it's been a long time coming. One of my all time favorite breakfast/brunch places in ATX is Fliphappy Crepes. Yum! I am more a fan of their sweet crepes, but the hubby LOVES their savory ones. I think the one he had on this day was some sort of ham, caramelized onion and cheese mix. I don't remember exactly. I had a peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut and banana crepe. Oh so good!
Fliphappy is sort of hidden down off South Lamar. It's actually in an empty lot beside one of the huge new loft buildings in an old airstream. They have weird hours too. You kind of have to know when they're open and plan to go rather than stop by on a whim! But it's totally worth it:) Makes me want to hop in the car and go right now, except we're snowed in and they're probably not open! But it sure sounds good!
Maybe when it warms up a bit and Texas tempts us with Spring again we'll go and get Fliphappy! hah!

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