Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Come on to my house...


Lately all I can think about is the many little (haha) projects that I want to do around our house. Maybe it's Fall coming on and I want it to be cozy for Winter? Not sure but if I had my way, tomorrow would start with a stop for coffee...
Then I would head to SW to get a gallon of Comfort it! I have been waiting for the right time to paint our bedroom and I am thinking that now is it! After I paint (with my super human powers it would only take me a few minutes!) I would go ahead and re-do the kitchen floors with this:) (Which would miraculously be on sale and would only cost me 20 dollars!)

I love cork floors! Our kitchen floors are looking shabby at best. I think these cork floors are just the ticket to un-shabbify them! And then since we are living in my fantasy and I can do whatever I want I would continue on with my house makeover in a day theme and refinish the rest of our floors. I am in love with the super shiny wood floors I am seeing. Ours were finished with more of a matte tone that shows EVERY speck of dust, dirt, food, playdough, etc that we throw at it. I think a nice glossy poly is just the ticket to my cleaning woes:)

So, I'm off to bed to dream about my ideal Thursday! I bet at least one thing will surely be checked off my list tomorrow and we all know which one it is!

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