Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Traveling is on My Mind...

Lately all I have wanted to do is pack up my bags and head out. (With my family of course!) All I want to read is travel blogs; see this post for a couple of my new favorites. All I want to shop for is clothes to wear on my imaginary trip! New York has been catching my interest lately. With Ava Kate, it is easier to travel in the US than to hop on a looong flight:) Now in a few years, watch out world here we come!

So in my constant perusing of the internet in search of the perfect travel without actually traveling wardrobe I found these three dresses that I think I need to make mine! And they have the bonus of working for work as well as play so I think I can justify them! Oh and that cardigan up there was just marked down at Anthropologie and I have a 25 dollar gift certificate that is going to make it all the more affordable :)

The Goodness Grey-cious

The White Chocolate Truffle

The Jen loves Kev
(Blogger of the Moment over at Modcloth and one of my favorite Style Blogs!)

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