Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, we've been back from New Orleans for a few weeks and I finally decided, with much prodding by my better half to make one of my prized Bruce's Southern Style Bread Pudding mixes for dessert tonight! It is by far the best bread pudding I have ever had! And the easiest to make hands down...hah! We had it the first time at my sister's house last summer. I was floored that it was a mix. In fact I was convinced that no one wanted to share the recipe with me.

But everyone stood unanimous that it was in fact a mix. When we got home I decided to go and get some because it had been at least two days since I had had it and that was far too long in my book. But, sad fact, I have yet to find it in the great state of Texas.

Long story short, we were in Louisiana again and I knew it had to be mine. I even forked over more than 5 dollars a box (I bought two). That combined with its impossible to find in Texas status caused me to turn into a hoarder and refuse to "waste" one of my boxes:)

I have to say though, I am glad that my hubby convinced me because eating it is even better than hoarding it.

For those of you who decide to drive to Louisiana to buy it, Market Basket is way more expensive than anywhere else. Just commit and buy it in the French Quarter at the French Market. (Unlike me, who was convinced it was marked up!) It is totally worth any price though.

Just saying:)

Tomorrow's menu: Do you even want to know?

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SarahL said...

I can't believe you had it without me! Im so mad at you! Not really, but you know...