Saturday, January 29, 2011

On My Mind

This house has been on my mind lately! Stonecroft Homes in Kentucky built it. I am tempted to move there just so they can build one for me too:) I love that it looks like it has been there forever! Old, but new? Does that make sense? Either way I am jealous of the people that get to call this house home.

In unrelated news I decided to refinish our dining table. It's a set we bought from Target when we got married and I am attached to it, but it has seen better days as far as its finish goes. I crossed my fingers and sanded away and it actually has beautiful dove tailed wood underneath its original black paint! I am set on finishing it and the chairs tomorrow! We are supposed to get cold rainy weather next week so I have no choice! I am SO excited to have a nice table and chairs again instead of one covered in dings and scratches from life with a three year old!

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Alison said...

It's a gorgeous house. I love it too! Especially the kitchen. Their couches actually looks similar to mine, but I'm sure theirs were much more expensive. ha!