Monday, January 10, 2011

Start the Week Off Right!

A few things that are making my Monday better:

Hither&Thither- a Wonderful blog full of inspiring things from a couple in NYC.

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot- This makes me want to sell everything we own and just go! See more of the world and enjoy the many amazing places in it! ( I especially want to go to Cappadocia, Turkey! They such wonderful pictures of this little town!)

A Cup of Jo- This is an old favorite of mine but she always surprises me with something I didn't know I needed or needed to know until that moment!

Happy Monday! Hope this one is better than the last!

ps: I have no idea where the picture up there came from! I LOVE it and have had it in my saved pictures for awhile now! Whoever took it deserves credit, so if you know please tell me:)

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