Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Means,,,

It's officially time for fall fashion! Yes! I am so excited that the weather has (for now) gotten cooler and I can pull out my cardigans and layer away without feeling like I am going to have a heat stroke. So without further adieu here is my favorite line up for this Fall...

First up: Cardigans of course! All of these are from Forever 21 and I love them! What can I say?

I love the chunky yet flowy-ness of this one!
and the total grandpa qualities of this one; elbow patches and everything!
This one is just wonderful! It sort of looks like a Missoni but it's a lot more affordable:) Its got that ethnic/tribal thing going for it!

Now on to jeans. I have been obsessed with skinny jeans for oh I don't know, forever!I love them! I have a hard time wearing regular jeans now. I can go straight leg but that's about it! My new favorites in my jean line up are the deep green jeans that I got from Anthro a few weeks ago. I blogged about them. But these below are a pretty good second choice and they're a bit cheaper!
All of these jeans are from Forever 21 too. They actually have pretty good denim!
(Colored jeans are so hot right now btw)

I might have to buy these. I just bought some burnt orange slacks from F21 but these jeans look like they need to be mine too! With a Hubby that goes to The University of Texas one can never have too much burnt orange in their closet!

Ahh, red jeans. Love 'em! I bought mine last year and I still love them. I actually got mine in the men's section at Hot Topic! Hah! They're slouchy and have that boyfriend look going for them. I love the look of the true skinnies though!

Now on to accessories.

I am in love with this clutch! A's only 45 dollars until the end of this week! Yes! Although its original sixty dollar price tag isn't too bad either:)
Oh and these boots. I am still obsessed. I actually like the black pair better but I couldn't find a picture with good detail of the black pair! These guys have been on my list for a year and I still haven't bought them...maybe this year!

Oops...this is in the wrong spot but whatever! I need this. Madewell is by far one of my favorite spots to shop! They have this in pink too and I could do either one! It's on my Christmas list for sure! I mean polka dots, seriously?

This little guy is from Fred Flare! At only 25 dollars, it shall be mine! I love the quirky zebra print and the vibrant red! Be still my heart! Scarves are a must have for Fall and they transition so well into winter!

Ahh Kendra Scott. She has a store on South Congress in ATX and I can't go in. We wouldn't have a house or cars because I would spend the payments on her jewelry. OK I'm kidding. But I do seriously love her stuff, especially these earrings! I could have them in every color! (And there are a ton)
Then we have Warby Parker's sunglasses. I am in dire need of a new pair. My current shades are so scratched it's not even funny! These fit the bill. I am in the process of ordering new glasses from them too. They're like the TOMS of eye-ware. Buy one, give one!
Last, but not least is this bag from Madewell. Agh! It's so stinking cool! Big enough to tote around a million things and still look stylish! Plus you can wear it cross body! This is another one on my list of must haves in my life. Just look at it!
Oh and this is a little extra. It's from Freshly Picked (she makes the cutest moccasins for children). No it's not Fall fashion but it is totally a must have! Peach and gold leather mouse pad? Yes please!

So there you have it. My must haves for Fall. Here in Texas they transition well into Winter too. I am, at this moment, wearing a good portion of what I just showed you and I am oh SO pleased with it:) It's about 45 degrees outside and if the neighbors didn't think I was crazy already I would run around outside singing;) Best not to though...I don't want to get into trouble. Happy Wednesday! Hope you got inspired!

PS: Up next children's Fall must haves.

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