Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Littles in the Fall

Ok I'm back with my faves for my girl and for little boys too:) If I love dressing myself for Fall I am totally head over heals for dressing my sweet girl for Fall. I of course had to include the Texas shirt because every Saturday during football season we have on some form of burnt orange. This one is from Old Navy. They have the cutest line of sports team shirts! Love em!
If she's not decked out in burnt orange we usually run to tunics and dresses with leggings or skinny jeans. This tunic is also from Old Navy and it comes in a few different colors. I love Old Navy and Gap for littles because you can get super classy and cute clothes for a reasonable price. We are also HUGE Target shoppers:)

Another essential is the jacket. Cool mornings always require a jacket in our house. This is another one from Old Navy and it is gender neutral. This is another of my favorite tricks. I swear half of my daughter's wardrobe is from the boy's section. Mostly I like to buy their button downs and sweaters, sometimes jackets too. They have such cute plaid, denim and checked button downs. Way better selection than the girl's side.

This sweater is another guesses it...Old Navy:) Love the toggles. She will wear this instead of a jacket many times if it isn't too cold out. I like to layer her clothes just like mine. It is always important to have choices as far as warmth etc.

Now this sweater is a complete splurge from Crew Cuts. It's a girl's popover sweater and I love it so much! I haven't ordered it yet but I think I might have to. It's a wool blend so it's not too itchy and it is tunic length. A good sweater or two are essential to both boy's and girl's Fall wardrobe if I do say so myself.

Ahh the Denim shirt. This one is Crew Cuts and I love it. My girl wears her all the time. This is a boy's shirt so the cut is a bit looser and it is perfect with leggings.

This is another boy's button down from Crew Cuts. I love the checks! I have the light gray version. This with skinny jeans is so cute. We add a cardigan if it is cooler outside.

These dresses are both from Old Navy. Love the ruffles and the fact that they are long sleeved so they can stand on their own if need be.

Leggings! These are from Gap. I love having them in black and brown at least for my girl. I also like pink and white too. She wears these out every Fall/Winter!

Good jeans are a must too. These are boy's. They're lined though, which is hard to find in girl's jeans. I like the slouchy fit of these.

However, these are our favorite! The Gap skinny jeans. They're extra soft and they fit perfectly.

For footwear we go for boots or ballet flats. Love these Uggs! So soft and warm and the tan or chestnut go with most anything.
She also wears her Toms a ton! They are easy for her to put on and easy for me to wash and keep looking nice.:)

Lastly, she is sadly outgrowing these but I still love them. Moccasins from Freshly Picked. SO soft and good for their feet. You can't go wrong!

So there you have it! My picks for fall for the littles too. I have so much fun finding unique things for my girl to wear. She is somewhat of a fashionista so we both enjoy shopping for Fall essentials!

We are planning on putting them to use this weekend too with a few different outdoor activities:) Happy almost Friday!

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