Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let there be light!

Here she is! In all her glory! I had been looking for a lamp for this spot for what feels like forever! The hubby even bought a set at Ikea thinking I would stop the search once something was lighting up that corner. Not so much. I was not a huge fan of the Ikea lamps, but I humored my hubby and lived with them grudgingly for about six months. Until, in a freak accident, the cat knocked over my Keep Calm and Carry On print, which in turn knocked over the book stack, which then took the lamps to the floor. (They were rectangular boxes made of frosted glass, lest you think I had two table lamps in the same spot:)) The largest one shattered and took a nice chunk out of my hard wood in the process. It was then that I decided the remaining lamp was out!
I resumed hunting in all my favorite thrift stores to no avail. Then one morning I headed into the Re-Store to poke around and there she was. All dusty and grubby. The five dollar price tag sold me! I took her home and scrubbed her up and there she sat for another few weeks as I looked for a lamp shade. In case you're not seeing a trend here I am not one to pay full price for much of anything. So, long story...long, I found a lamp shade at Target that had gone to thirty percent off. Its trim matched my lamp perfectly...and they lived happily ever after (on my free Craig's list dresser). I am one happy girl now that the other lamps are gone and my blue beauty has taken their place!

In other news, I want to paint my desk like the one above! I am enamored with the peacock blue. (Ok I am sensing a peacock trend in my posts today! What's my deal?) Anyway, its black right now and I am tired of it. I just refinished my filing cabinet and it looks shockingly similar to the one in the picture. Promise I hadn't seen this picture when I did it. I have been feeling like the black desk is looking a big worn and it is a bit too monochromatic with the gray walls, the stainless filing cabinet and the black accents in here. I might have to run down to the store and see what sort of colors I can come up with that will work in here:)

I'm taking the stainless filing cabinet as a sign!


CaseyWiegand said...

oh I am SUCH a lamp person!!!!!!! LOVELY! So happy to meet you :) xoxo

Megan said...

Me too! They make me ridiculously happy! So glad to meet you as well:)