Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chenille...for real!

I've decided to re-do Ava Kate's room...again:) I can't help myself. I've obviously not gotten it right yet or I would leave it alone! I started looking for chenille bedspreads on Ebay today to see if there were any that would work for her bed. I am of course wanting something that is under my limited budget and I probably want white. But...look at these beauties that I came across. They are not at all what I set out to find but I LOVE them! I have never seen chenille in such beautiful colors and my heart pretty much stopped when I saw the peacocks. Apparently that is a pretty popular pattern because there are multiple listings on Ebay but they're all well out of my price range. Popular=expensive:) But looking is free and I spent about an hour today doing just that! Now you can look for free too! If your price range is higher than mine you can even make one of these yours. I just searched for chenille bedspreads and there were seven pages of loveliness!

In other news, I got a lamp shade for my five dollar thrifted lamp and as soon as my camera battery charges I am ready to show it off! I love it!

Happy Tuesday!

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