Thursday, June 9, 2011


Why is this making me laugh so hard? I love when commercials are so stupid that they become funny. This totally falls into that category. Kind of like the Swagger Waggon Toyota Sienna Minivan music video. What? You haven't seen that one? I'm not linking it...I feel like a loser with all of this commercial love. But if you search for it on Youtube you'll thank me...maybe. If you don't decide I'm a big, bored goofball first!
I promise to come up with something more interesting to post later today. Like the new five dollar lamp I got for my living room, or maybe those long lost slip n slide pictures of my girl.
Only time will tell which of these will catch and hold my interest long enough for me to grace you with their presence:)

(Just came back and changed the title to this post. I looked back and realized that I had in fact named two posts in a row the ever so catchy title of "Hmm..." Sweet right? This is only adding to my coolness!)

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