Friday, May 29, 2009

My Girl's Room

Here is her reading and toy corner... We are in desperate need of a play room for all these toys! They are taking over my house!

Here is where all the tea parties happen. She loves this table...and I just noticed that the benches are backwards! My my... they say kate ava instead of ava kate! And you can also see her curtains in this picture...I copied them from a Pottery Barn set that I fell in love with. Not exact but close enough for me!
Here is her crib...I am getting ready to convert it into a big girl bed:( I am hanging on to this last little piece of her babyhood as tight as I can!
Here is another view of the wall with her crib...complete with wiener dog and ava herself! You can see her beloved kitchen on the right! She "cooks" all the time! She following in my footseteps:) I hope yall enjoyed!! See you next time!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kitchen/Dining Room Tour

The window in the dining area

Our little round table...a wonderful Target find!
Our hutch/wine cabinet
Where the magic happens...ok ok maybe not magic but close enough!
And the sink...don't you just love the backsplash??

Ok...these are in no particular order:) I spent all day in the yard and I just have no energy to fix them, and I am a day late and a dollar short with this post anyways:) SO with that being said this is our eat in kitchen. The room itself is big but the dining area is quite small so the little round table is all that will work there! But the kitchen itself is HUGE! It's by far the biggest kitchen I have ever had:) I have it in my mind to paint the cabinets but I think it is going to take me a bit to convince the hubby! He wants to wait until we move to our new house...we'll see about that! I hope yall enjoy looking around! See you next week!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How I wish I lived in Kansas...

Why you ask?? Well because Nell Hill's is there of course! Mary Carol Garrity is the founder of Nell Hill's and she writes books with titles like Feather your nest! Who could resist that. Plus she just released a home line that is to die for! I LOVE LOOOOVE it!! I'm contemplating breaking all of my dishes so I can have a valid reason to go buy her whole set and not just one or two plates:) Tired of hearing me talk yet?? Want to see some more pictures of this eye candy?? you go...

Do you not love this plate? Tell me you do!! I do! The little birds and still my beating heart!

Oh and this word...adorable!
I've got these plates. I'm lucky...there is a shop in my town that has them...Bloom and Bee Swanky...their website is not up right now so you can't go buy them there...mean of me right?? But I'll put it on here just in case she gets it working soon!

Loving this too! The only downside to all of this gorgeousness is trying to find a place to buy it at if you're not lucky enough to live in Kansas. I've yet to find an online retailer yall and it is KILLING me!
Ok last one...should I tell you how much I want this plate or are you feeling the same way?? Now...go forth and search for a place to get this stuff. If you find one online tell me...I'll be forever grateful!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Heart Houses

Hi yall!! I am SO excited about this linky party! I LOVE houses and seeing what yall do with you yours:) I get so inspiraed by all your beautiful homes! I hope you enjoy seeing mine!

This is the entrance from our entryway. I love the french door on this doorway. When we moved in I almost took it off and the longer it was there the more it grew on me:)

Here is the entrance from the kitchen and the bedroom hallway. Our house is small yall and not at all an open concept so all the rooms seem sectioned off. In our new house we are definitely going for an open floor plan!

Here is our reading chair...I'd like to tell you we sit there quite often but I'd be lying! I'd much rather sit in bed and read, but I do love that chair:)

This is another view as you walk in from the kitchen and bedroom area. You can see my husbands fish tank in the bottom right. My sewing cabinet turned fish tank stand is still holding up:)

Alright yall...that's all I've got. Not much to see in my little living room:) Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!!!