Friday, May 29, 2009

My Girl's Room

Here is her reading and toy corner... We are in desperate need of a play room for all these toys! They are taking over my house!

Here is where all the tea parties happen. She loves this table...and I just noticed that the benches are backwards! My my... they say kate ava instead of ava kate! And you can also see her curtains in this picture...I copied them from a Pottery Barn set that I fell in love with. Not exact but close enough for me!
Here is her crib...I am getting ready to convert it into a big girl bed:( I am hanging on to this last little piece of her babyhood as tight as I can!
Here is another view of the wall with her crib...complete with wiener dog and ava herself! You can see her beloved kitchen on the right! She "cooks" all the time! She following in my footseteps:) I hope yall enjoyed!! See you next time!


His Doorkeeper said...

Megan, Ava Kate's room is just the sweetest!

I love the little play area and the little benches with her name on them! How cute!

Thanks for sharing your precious room!

Kelly's Mom

Creekmore's said...

What a sweet room. I think I see someone peeking back there.

pumpkinpatches said...

Her room is just adorable!!!! You did an amazing job.