Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Much needed Loves

Yikes! I looked back on my posts this month and they have been decidedly serious! Which I guess is appropriate with the circumstances but still! One can only take so much:) So on that note I thought a Loves post was in order!

First up is this outfit! I love it, especially the necklace! I am also in love with the Daybook, where the lovely lady above blogs:)

Next...feathers! I have a magenta one and I adore it! It shocks people in our conservative little town but it is SO fun! I actually like the natural ones a ton too! I might have to get another one when this one comes out. The natural look could be perfect for Fall...if it ever gets here!

These sunglasses kill me! I want them now! I think they're going on my Christmas list for the hubby (to buy me); although he might get some too! Or maybe, I'll buy him some and then borrow them! ;)

Lastly, this skirt from Forever21. I found it online and I think I am going to have to go to our store tomorrow and see if I can make it mine. For a little over thirteen dollars it is totally worth it! Love it!

Ahh...my blog feels happier already with all that love going around!

One thing I am not loving is this heat! We are currently on day 20 (in a row) of over 100 degree weather. Texas is hot but this is just ridiculous! I always start the Summer out ready for the heavy heat and then by the time Fall comes I am ready for that. I try to enjoy all that summer brings us but this summer it is NOT working! All I want to do is stay inside in fear of melting:)
A plus though...it's almost like a clarifying steam facial when you walk outside...almost!

One more random thought...in less than a week my baby will be four! How did that happen? I think a recap of her last four years is a must:)

Happy Wednesday! Only three more day until the weekend and whatever fun it brings you!

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