Monday, October 18, 2010

I is for...Inspiration, l is for love(s)

Max Wagner

Ok this shirt is the coolest concept! This photographer has a shirt a month that is based off of one of his photos! How COOL! I want it! Actually I want all of them! They are all so unique! Like secret works of art!

This would be the most wonderful present...for anyone. This particular one was a father's day gift. But, I think it would be great for a friend, or co worker or mom. Anyone you think is incredible!

Stuart McIntyre via Desire to Inspire

I will be painting my house this color. Or a color close to it! Actually I want Gentleman's Gray by Benjamin Moore. I am in love with dark houses this year!
Nichole at Parlour

This light makes me happy...I have been trying to figure out where I can hang one just so I have an excuse to make it! Yes, make it! It's a Chinese lantern with coffee filters glued to it!Doesn't that just seem fun and high style all at once?

Screech Owl Designs

I love is the perfect combination of an iconic design with a little whimsical nature thrown in! And a bonus, it's actually affordable!

Oh and lastly this teeny necklace is wonderful and I think I am going to make one mine:) I'll put my baby girl's initials on one side and my hubby's on the other!

I hope you love these things and are as inspired by them as I am! I think lovely inspiration is the perfect start to a week!

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