Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crafty, Crafty

I've been trying my hardest to get my Halloween decorations up but I seem to be adding more things to make to my list rather than crossing things off:) I changed out my candles in the basket on my table. The Target dollar spot has the best scrap-booking paper! It's usually seasonal but when you can find it, it is wonderful! That's what I used to cover the candles.
This package came with eight sheets and six of them were sparkly! Love them!
Then I had a whim to make a knock off of Martha's wreath!
I found my corn husks at the grocery store. They're for making tamales. They were $1.97 and I think I can make many, many more wreaths with what was in this package. And this package was the smallest that they had! Besides hot gluing my finger to the wreath form (that I got at the Dollar Tree) this project was easy and pain free:)
Then I moved on to this little fall topiary. I saw one like it a Hobby Lobby and I loved it but it was more than I wanted to pay. (Next time I go I'll take a picture of it)
So, my pictures of how I did it are out of order... of course and I am totally not fighting blogger to re do them so...this is after I spray painted the whole thing black and glued my dollar tree pumpkins/gourds together in a stack.
Ha! here is before I spray painted it:)
And here is where I started to wire it together.
And...here is the beginning with my garden stakes (.89 at Home Depot) and my wire ($3 at Home Depot). If you want more in depth directions I will gladly re-order my pictures and do a tutorial! It was way easy and cost me about a third of what the original one cost!

I hope everyone is enjoying this Fall weather as much as I am!

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