Monday, October 11, 2010


Ok seriously...UGG and Jimmy Choo? Be still my heart! Love them...fringe, stars, ahh!
Now if only I could round up the $695 I need to pre-order them:) I would so be on cloud nine if I could do that. For now I will just stare at them and go and put on my now kind of boring looking chocolate UGG's! ha!

rinne allen

Oh...and go here! For real! Talk about inspiration! If you get Southern Living, Lucy's house was in it with a few measly pictures! So me being me, I googled her until I found her sister's photography site and this wonderful, in depth tour of her house that they did! I thought I was in love when I read the magazine article. That has nothing on all of the pictures on the website:) So go have a look...get inspired and enjoy her take on mixing the old with the new effortlessly!

Oh and that hallway? I am swooning over here! I would kill for just half of those shelves!

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