Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free is Beautiful!

So I talked before about my free dresser from Craig's List. It's the one that was missing a drawer. I definitely think that the girl that I got it from thought I was at least half crazy! But...I was so not passing up on this mid-cent mod dresser for free. Drawer or not. After driving through the rain and getting it home and staring at it for awhile, the hubby and I went to Home Depot and got some quarter round and some thin pine paneling and got to work recreating a drawer front. After we did that I realized that my original plan of staining the new front was not going to work. The color is a hard one to match and it is more of a veneer than solid wood on the fronts and it doesn't have a definite grain so the pine took the stain more than the other drawer fronts and it just wasn't looking like I imagined. SO...I decided to paint all of the drawer fronts. I went to HD again and got my paint and got them done during nap time. Which is always a plus! So here is my new old, dresser! I couldn't love it more!
Now I need to go and get those 3M picture hangers that are like Velcro. I don't want to put holes in my wallpaper and I have a few pictures that need to go up on the wall with Uncle Buck:) Maybe this week the pictures will go up so I can be completely finished with this project...for now.

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Amanda said...

Great job.I love finding things that I just can't live without, even if I have no idea how in the world I am going to redo it(and even when people think you are nuts!) and then can totally transform it into something so unique. I, for one, am happy that you had to paint it white..can't imagine it any other color.