Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do you do...Hollywood?

LOVE it! We had so much fun in Cali. Well I did and I know the hubby and baby girl did so that's all the counts! We went to Disneyland the first day we were there of course:) Couldn't pass that up! It seemed just the same as it had when I was little and we would go like once a month! Pictures to come of course:) But I just had to show off these few I took of Hollywood/Beverly Hills! I swear to you it is more enchanting today than it was when I was little! Maybe I just know more now so that makes it better! Either way I fell in love.
Can you say lofts? Oh yes I'll take one:)
And of course we deck the Hills not halls!
Hollywood and Vine. My father in law was driving so fast this is as good as it gets.
Can you see the Hollywood sign peeking through there? I love this one! It is so Hollywood! All the big buildings with a little glamor peeking through!
Love the stars on the boulevard! On the ground and on the light posts.
Oh and can I stay here? Too cute:)
This one is a just because. I love the colors.

I think the driving tour was a complete success in my book. We went to Big Bear the next day. That's where I grew up and I fell completely in love all over again. The hubby has decided that that is where we're moving when we grow up:) Sweet right? All my pictures from there are for memories only sadly. It was dark by the time we got there and that doesn't make for good photography!

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