Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh so addicting...

I have a confession! I LOVE spray paint! Not in a every once in a while if something needs a little touch up kind of way...I'm talking if it can be spray painted I have spray painted it kind of way. I love it! Frames, chairs, filing cabinets, everything! My family laughs at me because if I find something that I like but for the color...I always say " Oh I can spray paint that!" These are just the pictures from inside my house since it's 9 and darker than coal outside! I hope yall are as addicted as I am...I think maybe we should start a support group??

This is my latest's still not finished:)

Oh and this thing?? It was UGLY!! A little heat resistant BBQ spray paint...good as new!

Oh and you remember that sewing machine cabinet turned fish tank stand? Oh yes...I went there and sprayed that too:)


Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

You are sooo funny!! I can't go shopping anymore without asking "Do I need to spray paint that??"

Angie said...

Love your bird and egg prints! Did you buy them or print them from a site?