Monday, March 19, 2012

Tornado, Torn-ah-do!

It's getting to be that time of year again. Tornado season. I love storms, and truthfully I actually get a little excited when we are supposed to have a good one. However, I am naturally not as big a fan of the nasty side effects of a good southern storm. You know, hail, tornadoes, floods. Fun stuff like that.

This year I've decided that we're making a grab and go tote for the fam, including the dogs. I may or may not have been watching a little too much Doomsday Preppers:) Thus far I have gotten new harnesses for the dogs, water, bowls, shelf stable snacks (for us, hah), a few extra flashlights and a radio. Thus far we haven't needed my tote but tonight we're slated for some NASTY weather.

With that in mind I have added a few essentials to my storm prep list. I have a route 44 Diet Coke with lime sitting at my elbow.
I have sufficiently tortured the cats by stuffing both of them into the same carrier. We have a tornado shelter! I forgot to mention that! But it is at the back of our yard and if I'm being completely truthful (and I am) it is eerily similar to the one in Twister! I'm not taking any chances with my furry loves so into the crate for the cats.

I've got my fave Nora books on hand for some light reading during the craziness.

I've actually pulled the new harnesses for the pups out of the tote and squeezed them into them. My golden retrievers' fit nicely. I am almost positive that my poor black lab is losing circulation as we speak! Apparently I under estimated how big she has gotten. All three of them are completely confused as to why they are wearing them and they keep going to the door asking to go out for a walk. Sadly, the only walk we'll get tonight is one to the shelter if need be.
I've also pulled out the trusty old flashlight. Obviously I'll need to it see if the electricity goes out. More importantly, I'll need it to read my books!

All in all I am pretty prepared for our imminent storm. If I am forced to drag us all out to the shelter, I am sure that we will come out the other side slightly insane from the barking and meowing. I might actually be insane before we get to the shelter at this rate!

Either way we're ready and my Doomsday urges have been satisfied for now.

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