Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Year, New Loves

So when I said I'd be back in 2012 I really didn't intend for it to be almost March when I blogged again! Where did time go?

It's Spring, almost Easter and Valentine's Day flew by almost without even being recognized! However good things have been happening in all this chaos.

Two of my current favorite good things are my new full set of vintage Pyrex and my new Emersonmade jeans. I am officially in a blissful state of delirium over them. I have been wanting a pair since Emerson released her clothing line... At least a year ago! They're mine now and I have to say I will probably never be wearing any other jeans. I am a convert, a believer, a lover of all things Emersonmade and to my hubby's dismay my monthly clothes budget is in need of a growth spurt to support my need of Emerson's line:)

The Pyrex just makes me smile. It's pink after all and glass so I don't have to worry about storing our food in
Plastic (which I completely obsess over). I was helping my BFF pack and she mentioned needing to get rid of "that pink stuff" because she got it in a lot at a garage sale and she never used it. You better believe I jumped on it and took it home before she had an epiphany and changed her mind!

All in all life is moving along at a break neck pace; but we're enjoying every second and celebrating as much as we can along the way with little treasures and loves!


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