Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New View

I already posted about this nursery once and about how much I love it! The thing is, I only had the top picture to gush over! I have since found the bottom picture of the other side of the room and it is all I can do not to go into AvaKate's room, pull everything out and start over (again...for the third time...can you tell I like to change things up in there?) The thing is I have this issue with thinking I am loving something and committing to it and then changing my mind afterwords. It's a bad deal;) Although it keeps things hopping around here!
My hubby never comes home to the same set up for more than a week! I am always rearranging or adding or changing!

Ok wow this post totally went off topic here. I was talking about my love for this nursery! I think that what appeals most to me about it is that I can see taking this color scheme and the subtle hints of nature and applying it to a living room or a bedroom. It would work in any room in your house! That makes me happy! I am loving the gray and yellow these days anyway and I was thinking about using it in our bedroom. Navy blue and yellow is a possibility too, although not as subtle. This nursery definitely supports that plan either way!

Happy Wednesday!

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