Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A little inspiration for your Wednesday!

Ok...I LOVE this tiny little federal mirror! I just had to get that out there! I can't think of anything else in this picture until I point that out! Moving on...Laurel at Abode Love, as featured on Made by Girl, shared pictures of her house! I must say, she has talent! The three things I loved most though were obviously the tiny federal mirror mixed in with the photo wall. I am a huge, HUGE fan of photo walls that aren't all pictures, as silly as that sounds! I like the mixture of prints, photos, mirrors, deer heads, (What? No deer heads? Even the ones made of resin? I can't get over them...I still love them!) Anyway, a mix of things in a photo collage makes all the difference in interest level if you ask me!
I also love this! Which is a total contradiction to what I just said. But to me this is different! Sometimes people go all b&w and black frames and it can get a little funky to me if the pictures are all people and such. That's not to say that it isn't totally awesome in some cases...maybe this is a judge it when you see it thing? I think what draws me to this particular collage is the fact that the frames are a mix of vertical and horizontal, but it all works out to still be a square set. I like that! The interest is in the way the frames are hung and the pictures in them. Such a cool idea!
This last picture just floors me! I can't get over the seamless integration of the football print! This is by far the coolest man cave ever! In a girl's opinion:) I also like the subtle tiger hints like the cute!

So that's whats inspiring me this week...that and this nice Spring weather we are having! I am quite ready for Spring and Summer this year! Happy Wednesday!

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