Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scrappy Holidays

I had a last minute gift to make yesterday. When I mean last minute I mean I had to make it in an hour or two:) Who doesn't love a little pressure. It was my own fault. I made a quilt for this person. But...I threw it over Ava's bed to get a visual on size and you know. It just looked sooo cute and it is all Momo's Hello Betty...which I LOVE! So on to plan B for the person's gift:) Selfish of me right? So anyway I was racking my brain and I decided to make a bag. Ruby made one a while back with some beautiful hand embroidered fabric that I don't have so I had to emprovise:) I dug through my scrap basket and found a ton of flowered fabric. I cut out the flowers and some branches and leaves and outlined them so that they'd fray with time! Then I braided the handles and called it a day:) LOVE it! I have to tell you the truth! I wanted to keep this too. But that was a little too selfish and I couldn't bring myself to do it:)

Happy Holidays!!!


Alison & Karson said...

super cute! You are so crafty. I want to see the quilt too.

gina said...

So cute! I wish I had half the craftiness of you- but it WOULD all stay in my home. :)