Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm a trashy kinda girl...

Are you?? A "Dumpster Diver" that is?? Or maybe that should be termed "Trash Taker?" Either way I am forced to admit that I am one. When I was little we lived in a ski resort community is California. There was a place with about six dumpsters that everyone brought their stuff too. Not no, but stuff! Like lamps, and lawn furniture. It was better than any junk store! The town would bring stuff one a month and everyone would "trade" trash:) It was SO fun!
So, it is in my blood to love stuff like this beauty. We were driving home from a trip to Anthro...I mean Austin and we were a block from our house when I saw this little jewel sitting with someone's trash! I mean really! Who throws this away? It's an antique! So I promptly made my hubby make the block and pull over and I tried to do the right thing and knock to make sure it was indeed mine for the taking. No one answered so I took that as a yes:) Luckily we were in my jeep and we had ample room for both the headboard and the foot board. It needs to be refinished but all in all it is in great shape!
So then while we were loading this (keep in mind that my hubby is laughing hysterically at me!) a car stops and the guy rolls down the window and asks me "Do you need another one like that?" Maybe, why? So it turns out that he has one like it that he is getting rid of and if I want it it is mine! SAWEEET! Two free headboards? Yes Please! Anyways, we are going tomorrow to get the other one:) Wish me luck that it is as nice as this one!


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I'm laughing at this. Hi, my name is Amy, and I am a trashy kind of girl, too.
Very nice to meet you. :)

I love it that the guy stopped to tell you about his headboard. HA!

Cute blog.

Jen said...

WHAT LUCK two gorgeous headboards in 1 day!?!

Yes I am a dumpster diver & wonderful furnishings for your home - who wouldn't want that!? My mom even calls me to tell me when she sees some good looking trash on the that sad!?