Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Honest Scrap Award

When you receive the prize, you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing that they were prized with 'Honest Weblog'. List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

I got this award from Alison and I think it is SO neat! I don't know many bolgger people yet so I can't nominate many people:)
I really love to make things...scrapbooking, which I have been horrible about keep up with lately, hair bows for Ava, scrapbook the big ones you put on the wall, and all sorts of things for my house. A few posts ago I put up all the pictures of the things I have made for this house:) I just get so much joy and pride out of seeing things that I have made make others happy or just make our home a prettier place to be:)

All the girls I am nominating for this are inspirations to me and I enjoy going to their blogs and reading about their latest ideas!

Nester...of Course
Kelly...LOVE her recipes
Emily...what a wonderful inspiration as a mommy
Katie...oh how I LOVE her antiques...a girl after my own heart:)
Chris...I LOVE how crafty she is

I haven't ever met any of these girls...I just love their blogs!! They all inspire me!

So now, here are 10 honest things about me...

1)I am a complete clean freak. I didn't used to be like this but since I had Ava I am close to obsessive about my house being clean. We live on a dirt road so this is a next to impossible task that I battle every day!
2) I'd rather sit and read a good book than go out any day. Really, I could be a recluse if I had an endless supply of good books...good books meaning Nora Roberts type books:) I LOVE a good love story.
3) I HATE seriously hate unloading the dishwasher. It eats at me to have dishes in the sink but I really avoid unloading the dishwaser at all costs, to the point of getting mad at my husband for not unloading it for me:)
4) I don't want my litte girl to grow up. I seriously want her to stay little forever. Everyday she gets more independent and I am so proud of her, but it breaks my heart!
5) I LOVE to spray paint things. I will spray paint anything and I mean anything. I spray painted our halloween pumpkins red after Thanksgiving so we could keep them out and they would match my Christmas decor...I told you if it is paintable I will spray paint it lol
6) I LOVE a good deal. I end up buying things that I totally do need because they are such a good deal. Pitiful, but I just can't stop myself. It's like a game for me.
7) I really don't like working out but I started running and I "gasp" am starting to enjoy it. Don't tell anyone, but I just might stick with it this time:)
8) My mom is one of my very best friends. I love to spend time with her and we are alwys out shopping or something. I LOVE living next door to her.
9) I LOVE football. I mean LOVE it! And I have passed that on to Ava...which Roy really appreciates. I look forward to football season every year and I take it very seriously!
10) I have extreme anxiety. It drives me crazy and it comes out of no where. It started when I was pregnant and never went away.

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