Monday, December 15, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas...


It's finally here and I am so excited!! The Christmas Tour of Homes! I now have my excuse to visit as many blogs as possible and steal as many cute decorating ideas as I can! I LOVE IT! Add to that Kimba's have a party of her own, which means more "touring" HEAVEN for a girl like me:)

We just moved...again! And I have only unearthed about 1/4 of my Christmas decorations. Who knows where that other 3/4 is currently residing! So I am even more excited this year about the thievery of other's ideas:) So without further delay...

Welcome to our home! That darn wreath is crooked and has a mind of its own! I've threatened the trash can or goodwill on numerous occasions if it doesn't straighten no avail it seems!

This is one of my new favorite things! I got the welcome hooks at Target for next to nothing and I just LOVE that basket! It's a great place to put balls and a pine sprig?? LOVE IT!

This is the one and only garland that I could locate. It looks a little lonely, but there is hope for finding its companions before Christmas is over:)

I also LOVE these little mercury glass trees. They look so nice on my countertop and they draw your eye nicely away from the mess that surrounds them!

Our kitchen table! I would so LOVE to put those trees on here, along with my pretty Christmas dishes. But a certain 16 month old would surely have it all in the floor in no time if I were to do that so I can only dream of next year!

Our tree. It is a little Charlie Brownesque but I love it just the same. Maybe if I straightened the star that would help?? Hmm...

Another of my favorites....Rudolph was a present from my daddy and he is like a little puzzle! Absolutely adorable. And of course, the mercury glass pail filled with wooden candy canes. You just can't go wrong there.

Our stockings...I miss having a mantle to hang them from. The doorway had to work in a pinch.

My fur wreath...fake of course. I made it with the guidence of Nester
LOVE her!

Ava Kate's tree. Please ignore the cord. Older houses have very few plugs!
Oh how I love the pink tree with all the lime green! AK loves it too and makes the most adorable face when she sees it lit up!

Well that's the end of my holiday tour! I hope yall enjoyed it! I am chomping at the bits to see all of your beautiful homes!!


ohhollyf said...

Your daughter is the most beautiful of all decor'.
Merry Christmas, Holly

Jessica said...

A pink Christmas tree..I'm in Heaven!

Merry Christmas!

philben5 said...

Beautiful beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

leslie ruth said...

So cute! Mercury glass is one of the top things on my post-Christmas shopping list. Thanks to you, now I have some more ideas of where to place it :)

Carly said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'm really loving the fur wreath.

Merry Christmas,

Anonymous said...

Your home is lovely!

Merry Christmas!!

ellen b. said...

I enjoyed your tour and I like your style. Very nice and pleasing to my eye! :0)
Have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting my tour...

becky said...

So pretty -- especially that fur wreath and the pink tinsel tree! Love!

Merry Christmas