Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If it was finally Fall...

Finally Fall

Rick Owens chunky knit cardigan
$1,345 -

J Crew striped t shirt
$98 -

Tory burch shoes
$195 -

TORY BURCH Large fabric bags - Item 45161755
$365 -

I would be all over this outfit! I am counting down the days this month and waiting anxiously for September! I have convinced myself that September is going to be our magic month for cooler weather:) My sweet husband is going along with this (I think to ensure that I don't lose my mind in this heat!). The only sort of positive thing about this hot summer is the fact that indoor play is the only way to go unless you're at the pool. This means lots of dress up, tea parties, painting and coloring with my girl. That is most definitely a positive in my book.

Speaking of my girl, this Monday she had surgery for an umbilical hernia. She's bouncing back like a champ and is, I think, thoroughly enjoying the pampering that she is getting! She has been encamped on the couch playing with the Ipad and is coloring pictures faster than I can find places to display them:) All in all, it's an ok way to spend this first week of August!

Oh and my outfit up there...I would have to do a bit of substitution, seeing as my little budget doesn't leave room for such purchases as a 1,300 dollar sweater;)


Ally Garner said...

Oh that is a gorgeous outfit! Counting down the days until Fall weather.

Megan said...

Thanks! I'm thinking we need a bloggy countdown for Fall:)