Friday, December 24, 2010

It's a Holly, Jolly Christmas...

Well, it took us about a million tries but we finally got this one, single picture that we both liked for the Christmas card. We used Hallmark to make them this year because I'm lazy and I think that I am going to be lazy every year. You pick your design, import your pictures and pick a cheesy saying from their offerings (I was even too lazy to come up with my own! haha) then you're done. I even put all of our addresses into their website so they would send them for me to. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me! They even got there before Christmas! :)

We will be doing our usual circus routine from family to family tomorrow but I am strangely looking forward to it! Then we are headed to New Orleans on the 27th! I am super excited about that:) It's a late birthday present to me:)

Hope everyone has a holly, jolly Christmas!

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