Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy and Sad

In happy news roday this guy right here went to his first day at the hospital today. He loved it and life is good there. Those gray scrubs are they bane of my existence. Every place that sells scrubs in this town closes at six save for the ghetto store that's in...the ghetto. They told him at 5:30 yesterday that he is working today and that he needed gray scrubs. After a wild goose chase, cold whataburger and a few choice words we went to the ghetto store, who also sells apple bottom jeans and stilettos and bought white ones. Then I went to Hobby Lobby bought gray dye and prayed. Came home threw them in the wash with the dye and prayed some more. Pulled them out and they were perfect! I am SO proud of myself for not only avoiding completely melting under pressure, but also producing a decent product in the end:)

On to the sad news, that same guy up there lost two friends five year ago today. Their Humvee drove over an IED and they did not survive. One was engaged and one had a serious girlfriend. I think we tend to forget that the statistics we see on the news were real people with real lives. They would have families and babies right now if things had happened differently. It kills me and it is something that my husband and his brothers have to live with every day. They will never be forgotten and they will always live on in our hearts. My hubby came home but many did not and I hope everyone out there no matter what they believe will always remember those who gave all.

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